CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles - Long Beach

Long Beach -- SR47 Port Access Expressway will build a four-lane elevated highway from Terminal Island to Alameda Street north of Anaheim Street and South of Pacific Coast Highway. In addition, the project will provide for the replacement of the seismically deficient Heim lift bridge over the Cerritos Channel with a fixed span bridge. The draft EIR is being prepared with circulation planned for August 2005 and approval in 2006. Funding for the $40 million design and $350 million construction has not yet been determined. This project would reduce approximately 6-7 percent of the port-related truck traffic off the I-710 freeway. Completion date is approximately scheduled for 2011, but is based on available funding. Port of Los Angeles (POLA), U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD)
Long Beach -- SR47
Long Beach -- I-710 Corridor/Gerald Desmond Bridge Gateway Program
The I-710 Corridor/Gerald Desmond Bridge Gateway Program is a comprehensive, strategic approach to addressing the congestion, air quality, and safety issues in the Corridor between the Ports of Long Beach/Los Angeles and State Route 60. I-710 Program consists of the replacement of the Gerald Desmond Bridge in the Port of Long Beach, and improvements to the I-710 Corridor itself. Port of Long Beach (POLB), MARAD
Long Beach -- Terminal Island Freeway/Ocean Boulevard Interchange
This project is a TEA 21 "High Priority Project." This project also connects directly with the I-710 Corridor/Gerald Desmond Bridge Gateway Program. This project was originally administered by the State DOT (Caltrans), but was transferred to the Port of Long Beach (POLB). Upon completion of this project and also the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement project, Ocean Boulevard between the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the Long Beach Freeway (I-710) will be relinquished to the State. Construction has started, and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2007. POLB, MARAD
Los Angeles/Long Beach Truck/Rail Los Angeles/Long Beach - Direct truck focused connections to existing UPRR International Container Transfer Facilities (ICTF) in Wilmington, and new BNRR SCIG facility. Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR), BNSF Railway (BNSF), MARAD
Los Angeles--TRAPAC on dock rail This project is an on-dock rail-yard where containers can be loaded onto trains directly at the marine terminal without draying containers to rail facilities. POLA, MARAD
Port of Long Beach Ocean Blvd (Port to Sr-710), 9th/10th St (Santa Fe to Pico), Pico Ave (9th/10th to Ocean Blvd), Santa Fe (Anaheim to 9th), Anaheim St (Sante Fe to Alameda) Federal Highways Administration (FHWA)
Long Beach (Carson) Rail Yard Sepulveda Blvd. (Facility to Rt. 47) FHWA
Los Angeles--I- 110 Freeway/SR47/Harbor Blvd Interchange Adding an additional lane to the westbound SR 47 connector for northbound I-110; reconstruct Harbor Blvd/SR 47 ramp intersection; construct new on-ramp from Gaffey St to SR47 POLA
Los Angeles -- Mormon Island Transportation Access Improvement Construct grade separations at Mormon Island to separate vehicles and trucks from active rail lines. This will help access to TRAPAC POLA
Los Angeles--110 Freeway/C Street Interchange Local street improvement for on and off at C Street. Will help TRAPAC and West Basin Container Terminal. Estimated completion December 2010 POLA
Los Angeles BNRR Rail Yard Washington Blvd. (Hobart Yard to I-710) Shelia St (Arrowmile to Atlantic), Atlantic Blvd (Shelia to Bandini), Bandini Blvd (S Downey to I-710) - Connector 2 is proposed) FHWA
Los Angeles-- Navy Way Connector to Westbound Seaside Ave.
Construct a flyover from Northbound Navy Way to westbound Seaside Ave. This would help containers departing APL and Maersk that are traveling westbound. POLA
Los Angeles & Long Beach Improve and construct on-dock rail MARAD
Long Beach Develop Pier B Rail Yard MARAD
Los Angeles Develop West Basin Rail Yard MARAD


Port of Oakland -- 7th Street Grade Crossing This project will replace the railroad bridge crossing at 7th Street that provides access to the JIT and to the UPRR intermodal facilities. Replacing the bridge will allow the widening of 7th Street, a major arterial street that connects the Port with I-880 and will improve the grade separation of the access tracks that serve the JIT. 7th Street also provides the main access for the public to the Port's 40-acre Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. The current rail bridges and roadway were constructed in phases between 1930 and 1954 and cannot meet the rail infrastructure requirements for future Port growth. Port of Oakland, MARAD
Eastbound I-80 Truck Access Ramp. This would be a largely at-grade truck-only ramp accessing the base of the viaduct connecting northbound I-880 and eastbound I-80 from the adjacent frontage road. Currently, trucks exiting the Port along 7th Street must traverse the entire frontage road, negotiate a four-way signaled intersection at West Grand Ave. and enter the viaduct at elevation. This causes congestion at the intersection, which could become significantly worse if the City of Oakland pursues plans to develop a major retail complex at the site of the Oakland Army Base. Estimated cost of this project is $5 million and could be less if the work is done entirely at grade. Port of Oakland, MARAD

I-880/5th Street Ramp Improvements This project consists of restriping and constructing some minor geometric improvements at the base of the Alameda/Broadway exit ramp from southbound I-880 at 5th Street. This ramp is heavily used by trucks accessing the Port's Middle Harbor Terminals, by making a right turn at the bottom of the ramp at 5th Street. Currently, there is no dedicated right turn lane, so vehicles making a right turn frequently have to wait behind others going straight through the signalized intersection. This results in delays and longer queues backing up the ramp. The estimated cost for this project is $550,000. It is likely that the Port would want to partner with Caltrans on this project. Port of Oakland
Rebuild Adeline Street Overcrossing Reconstruct this major truck entrance into the Port area to regrade for more efficient and effective use by trucks and to make it better able to withstand a seismic event. Cost: $60 million. Port of Oakland
Outer Harbor Terminal Develop Outer harbor terminal MARAD
Maritime Street Re-Align Maritime Street MARAD
The Richmond Connector Construct an at-grade rail connection between BNSF's Stockton Subdivision and UP's Martinez Subdivision north of Richmond at approximately MP 15, near San Pablo. Project would improvement movement of goods, primarily serving the Port of Oakland, and would minimize community impacts on downtown Richmond by providing a higher-speed and more direct access for BNSF's trains moving between the Martinez Subdivision and Stockton Subdivision. Estimated project cost is $30M to $40M. BNSF
Tehachapi Rail Improvement Project Double track gaps between sidings and segments of double track by constructing additional mainline to increase capacity and improve freight train operations on mountainous terrain, extend one siding to accommodate prevailing system train lengths and upgrade signal system to improve capacity and efficiency of train operations. Estimated project cost is $107 million. BNSF


Ocean Terminal, Savannah From W Lathrop Ave (CR 1142), SE 0.65 mi on Lathrop Ave (CR 740) and 0.16 mi on River St (CS-014507) to the terminal FHWA
CSX Rail Yard, Savannah From I-516: N&W 0.70 mi on Tremont Rd, N 0.1 mi on Tremont Ave, W 0.2 mi on Safety First Rd FHWA
State Road 17 (Savannah Highway), Savannah Widen SR-17 and link with I-95 MARAD
North Charleston Rail Facility (Norfolk-Southern), Charleston W Montague (I-26 to Marriott), Marriott Dr (Montague to Freight Yard) FHWA
North Charleston Terminal, Charleston Remount Rd (Terminal to I-26 and Terminal to I-526 via North Rhett) FHWA
Wando Terminal, Charleston Served by an Existing NHS Route FHWA
Columbus St/Union Pier Terminal, Charleston East Bay Street South to Charlotte Street, East to Washington St., South to the Port FHWA
Navy Base, Charleston Expand terminal facilities to include the former Navy base MARAD


Port of Virginia I-564 Connector (Provides an interstate highway direct access to the north end of NIT and the south end of Naval Station Norfolk)

Virginia Ports Authority (VPA)
Port of Virginia Hampton Roads Third Harbor Crossing (Provides an additional interstate access to PMT, NIT, NNMT, the new APM Terminal and the future Craney Island Terminal. VPA, MARAD
Port of Virginia Rte. 460 Improvements (Provides an alternate to I-64 for traffic between Hampton Roads and the Richmond Metropolitan Area and the I-95 corridor for PMT, APM, and the future Craney Island Marine Terminal) VPA
Port of Virginia I-64 Widening (Continues the phased widening of I-64 between Hampton Roads and Richmond to alleviate regional traffic congestion and also improves traffic flow for all Port terminals.) VPA
Port of Virginia Southeastern Parkway and Greenbelt (Provides an alternate route to the southern Virginia Beach area; thus removing traffic from congested I-64 to benefit NIT and PMT.) VPA
Port of Virginia Route 58 Midtown Tunnel/Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway Extension (New 2-lane parallel tunnel will alleviate congestion on the existing 2-lane tunnel to benefit PMT). VPA
Craney Island Develop Craney Island terminal and rail corridor VPA, MARAD
State Road 164 Complete SR 164 rail corridor relocation project MARAD


SR-519/ Royal Brougham Intermodal Access
BN-SIG Yard (Seattle Intl Gateway) &
Elliott Bay-Alaskan Way Port (Seattle)*
Critical east-west link on existing NHS route between I-5, I-90, & BN SIG Yard and POS container terminals south of downtown Seattle. Project provides direct access to POS terminal & increases safety by grade-separating a busy road & rail crossing. Phase 1 is almost complete. Phase 2 is currently in the planning/design stage. Goal is to maintain & improve bi-directional, direct freeway access to SIG Yard and the waterfront. This is one of BNRR's highest priority projects. FHWA, FAST Partnership, Port of Seattle (POS)
Port of Seattle-East Marginal Way
Elliott Bay-Florida St. Port
S Spokane Street Viaduct
North-south grade separation on Duwamish Ave S. Relocates East Marginal Way to improve access among POS terminals, rail yards, and local warehousing and distribution centers.
Critical east-west link between I-5 and POS container terminals in the south Duwamish area, carrying 45% of POS regional truck traffic. Project minimizes conflicts among freight movement, freight & passenger rail traffic, commuter traffic and ferry access. Funding for construction has not yet been determined.
FHWA, FAST Partnership, POS
Seattle-Duwamish ITS Project
Elliott Bay-Florida St. Port (Seattle)*


State-of-the-art traffic management system improves flow of traffic between container terminals and rail yards in Seattle's Duwamish area by helping trucks avoid at-grade crossings that are occupied by freight trains. FHWA, FAST Partnership, POS
FHWA, FAST Partnership, POS
BN-South Seattle Yard
From Boeing Access Rd (just off I-5): North on Airport Way S to Facility Entrance at Hardy Street FHWA & UPRR
BN-UP Port of Tacoma Yards Served by an Existing NHS Route FHWA & UPRR
BN-SIG Yard (Seattle Intl Gateway) COMPLETE Served by an Existing NHS Route FHWA, MARAD
Port of Tacoma Port of Tacoma Rd (I-5 to E 11th St) FHWA
Port of Tacoma -- SR 167 and connection to I-5 This would connect the warehousing in the Kent, Auburn and Sumner area directly to SR-509 at the Port of Tacoma and to Interstate 5 in the Tacoma area. Port of Tacoma
Port of Tacoma SR-167 SR-167 interchange and connection to SR-509 and I-5 in Tacoma Port of Tacoma, MARAD
Port of Tacoma FAST Corridor Road and rail grade separation along the I-5 Corridor and the Lincoln Street Overpass project in Tacoma. Port of Tacoma
Blair Waterway Terminals, Tacoma Build additional container terminals along the Blair waterway MARAD
SSAT in Tacoma Construct the SSA Terminal in Tacoma MARAD
Tacoma Olympia South Logistics Center Build the Tacoma - South Olympia Logistics Center MARAD
Terminal 30 - Seattle Reconfigure Terminal 30 MARAD


Bayonne Bridge Project Increase vertical clearance of the 75 year old Bayonne Bridge to accommodate modern ships Port Authority of New York - New Jersey (PANYNJ), MARAD
Port Newark/
Elizabeth Road-
Way Intersections
Improve intersections, install traffic lights and signs to advance safety and to increase traffic flow at Tyler St., Polaris St., McLester St., Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT),Intermodal intersection and Export Street. PANYNJ
New Jersey
McLester St./North Ave. Curve
Widen roadway and create intersection improvements to increase traffic flow, improve safety and support warehouse development. PANYNJ
New Jersey
Brewster Road/Port Street Intersection
Modify intersections and signals to improve safety and increase major airport and seaport traffic flow. PANYNJ
New Jersey
Bay Avenue
Reconfigure roadway to accommodate space for Express Rail dual lead tracks and, in doing so, improve overall facility access. PANYNJ
New Jersey
Corbin Street between PNCT and Building 1400
Expand highway capacity to improve safety and increase traffic flow in/out on the port's "Main Street". PANYNJ
New Jersey
Corbin Street/Port Street
Reconfigure (i.e., elevate roadway) Corbin Street and Port Street to improve major northern access to New Jersey Marine Terminals (NJMT). PANYNJ
New Jersey
Port Street/NJTP/ Rt. 9N/Rt. 78
Widen Port Street, provide new access to the New Jersey Turnpike (NJTP) 14A entrance, improve access to Rt. 9N and Rt. 78 in order to improve safety and increase traffic flow exiting NJMT. PANYNJ, MARAD
North Avenue
Port Newark/Elizabeth
Phase construction of North Avenue/Kapkowski Road, a major seaport and airport connector, to separate the Port from non-port traffic. PANYNJ, MARAD
Port Newark/ Elizabeth Eliminate traffic spill back from Delancy Street that causes recurring congestion at its intersection with airport/seaport connector Route 1&9. PANYNJ, Liberty Corridor
NYMT, Staten
Island, New York
Improve New York Marine Terminals (NYMT) access to the interstate transportation system by constructing roadways and ramps to be connected to the replacement of the Goethals Bridge a major regional corridor facility. PANYNJ
Port Newark/
Northern NJ Rail
Build Portway, a series of road projects designed to relieve access congestion to marine and rail terminals within a seventeen mile corridor stretching from Port Newark and Elizabeth in the south to Bergen and Hudson Rail yards to the north. Advance the design and study of a Phase II program of related projects is also underway.

Major yet to be completed Phase I projects, include:

Hackensack River Bridge(s). Construction of a new bridge across the Passaic River to supplement the existing Route 1 & 9 Truck Crossing and better link South Kearny between intermodal rail and truck terminal and distribution facilities and the port access via Doremus Avenues. (A logical future extension includes construction of an additional bridge linking the South Kearny Peninsula to the Bayonne Peninsula and JerseyCity/Bayonne port and distribution facilities.)
Tonnelle Avenue Reliever (Conrail Way). Creation of a new truck only right-of-way to relieve congestion between the port and off-port railhead improvements.
Extension to Little Ferry. Extend the northernmost Portway connector to create a direct link to the NJ Turnpike in the vicinity of the Vince Lombardi Park-N-Ride. This would effectively create a third north-south spine for travel between the port district and points north.

New Jersey Dept. of Transportation (NJDOT)
Intermodal rail facilities Construct On dock and near dock rail facilities MARAD
Construct Passaic River road crossing Construct Passaic River road crossing MARAD
New Container facilities Construct new container terminal facilities in the NJ area including brownfield development and access MARAD


Leadbetter St. Extension/overcrossing Complete leadbetter St. loop to Marine Dr. (Pacific Gateway/T-6 intersection) and construct road bridge over the rail line. Port of Portland
11th/13th Ave. rail overcrossing or closing (at Columbia blvd. and Lombard St. Construct a new three-lane roadway connecting Lombard and Columbia to include a rail overpass. Could include reconfiguration of local rail network, resulting in street closure Port of Portland
I-5/Columbia Blvd. Improvement Construct a full interchange at Columbia Blvd. or functional equivalent Port of Portland
238th Ave Extension study Assess the cost, feasibility and traffic implications of extending 238th Ave. north to connect marine Dr. and Sundial Rd. Port of Portland
New I-84 interchange near or at 257th Ave Improve current split diamond interchange configuration Port of Portland
223rd Ave widening Widen between Halsey St. and Marine Drive Port of Portland


Bayport terminal - Houston Develop the Bayport Terminal in the port of Houston MARAD
Connection to I-69 - Houston Improve connection between State Highway 146 and I-69 MARAD
State highway 146 - Houston Improve State Highway 146 MARAD
Pelican Island - Houston Develop Pelican Island Terminal for future container capacity MARAD
Grand Parkway Loop - Houston Develop grand Parkway Loop around central business district - State Highway 99 to I-54 MARAD

Key Rail Exchanges Handling Maritime Cargoes

Chicago CREATE Rail and road project that facilitates east/west freight movement and congestion relief. This project includes 25 new roadway overpasses or underpasses at locations where auto traffic currently crosses railroad tracks at grade level. It also includes extensive track, switch and signal system upgrades Association of American Railroads, MARAD
New Orleans Gateway Infrastructure improvement projects that create grade separated multiple track corridors through this vital chokepoint. The project also seeks to replace track, eliminate one underpass and several grade crossings and upgrade junction switches. MARAD